Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A great weekend!!!!

Wow, what a great weekend I had. I took a personal day on Friday and went on a retreat to Warwick NY with the ladies from my church. It was the most gorgeous weather, the sun shone on us all weekend. The sessions were great as was the fellowship. I had not been to church in a bit and did not realize how much I missed everyone. Sometimes when I am down or a bit depressed I back away from everyone so I don't get hurt. I need to change that and get back with the people I love and trust. We played the best games too, Tabu, Scattagories and The t-shirt game which was the best game ever. I wan to get it for our family I never laughed so hard in my life.

~All my sister's in Christ ~ First Baptist Church ~ Metuchen, NJ. ~
Enjoying a pumpkin farm, they had the best sunflowers. Sunflowers hapen to be my favorite flower.

My friend Patricia, I just LOVE this picture. What a beautiful face.
What the heck are these? Some sort of funky pumpkin.............

Chris, chugging apple cider, slow down girl...........

This cross is on top of the hill over looking the valley, so beautiful.........

This is in back of the Chapel. So peaceful, a great place to reflect and be with the Lord.

Jennifer, our driver and best friend of the speaker we had. She always takes pictures of everyone so I had to get one of her!

These are the samples I am sending off to the Little Black Box tomorrow.

For the month of December, colorful bookmarks ~

For the month of November, Flower face scrubbies~

And for the month of October round face scrubbies ~
I hope everyone enjoys the samples and checks out my shop. I will be adding new stuff soon, as soon as I can get Allie to pose for me.
This has been a busy week so far, have been tired from work but am forging on. Have a great night..............

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


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