Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So little time, so much to Blog!!!

I as well as everyone else learned alot and came away in such a peaceful state. All except for Val setting her shawl on fire LOL. we had candles lit and she got up to get something and the next thing you know her shawl was on fire. Thank goodness for Jane's fast thinking. Vicky fixed it for her and we all had a good laugh......

These are the authors with me and our Prayer Shawl Ministry's fearless leader Val. We would be lost without her. We love you Val...♥♥♥♥

I had a great time. I am actually going to start making a shawl for my niece, she is having a baby in Feb.

TTFN ~ Debbie ~ Peace

This is a Vicky and her very special shawl. She has beads, bobbles anything special to her on it. She jingles when she walks, but what a cool idea she called it her travel shawl.

This is me with the authors and my signed book!

This is Janet Bristow one of the co-founders and her very special shawl. This shawl is made from the leftover yarn from all the spiderwebs from every retreat. They take the yarn, it's all random tie knots and knit it in to a shawl. Anyone can knit a few rows, I did on the one being worked on now, awesome!!!

On Saturday, i attended a knitting retreat. It was wonderful. I belong to the BBPC Prayer Shawl Group ~ we make prayer shawls for the sick, new mom to be, bride to be and for anyone who needs comfort. They are blessed and given to the recipient. It's really wonderful the impact these simple shawls have. Ouer group was invited to the retreat. The guest speakers were Victoria Galo and Janet Bristow the co-founders of the movement. WOW is all i can say. If you want more info go to their web site shawlministry.com. This is a picture of us making a spider web. we each had to say how and why we joined the group. We then cut the yarn, passed our piece to someone else wrapped it around their wrists and and told them we are bound by this ministry.

I have been trying to blog about a bunch of things since Friday. On Friday 12/5 Allie my 5th grader got an award for attaining High Honor Roll. She was on the High Honor Roll all last year in 4th grade, we hope she keeps it up this year also!!! This is a picture of her and the award!♥♥♥