Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today is thursday ---

Today is thursday, all day long it's gonna be thursday, so no matter what you do and no matter what you say it's thursday!!!!! Sometimes when you have off a day it makes the week go by slower, case in point this week. Our special in school tomorrow is gym and we have field day in the afternoon, oh goody my favorite gym. I'm kidding, I hate it. We are going to bake out in the sun. Allie has a make-up game at 5:30 in Raritan. What a fun day. Thank goodness it's the weekend. We have alot of things to do around the house. All I want to do is crochet - I am working on face scrubbies all shapes and sizes, my kids like them. Hopefully I can crochet a little tomorrow.

TTFN............ Debbie

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hump Day

Well it's wednesday, the middle of a slow week, even with the one day off. Not much crocheting or anything today. Allie my 1o yr old had a softball game. It takes up alot of time and when you get home not much gets done. Finally Men in Trees is on tonight. I have the DVR set. Allie who is in 4th grade made it into the school spelling bee. I found in her agenda book yesrterday the letter and 10 pages of study words. I am frantically trying to get them all on index cards for her to study. The bee is on June 3rd, not much time. It's always something, there should be 48 hours in the day. I hate to say it but I think I would still need more time. Well it's 9:26 I want to make some coffee and get settled in for MIT maybe crochet a face scrubbie before it. TTFN ---

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to work -

Well it's Tuesday, back to work and school. I really got the feeling of summer yesterday sitting on my newly powerwashed deck and crocheting washcloths of course 'till 8:30 pm. It was hard to get up and go back to school. The good news is only 15 more days and alot of them are 1/2 days. I had my favorite lunch today-PIZZA STICKS yum yum!!!!!!!!! My 13 yr old daughter Victora's softball game was cancelled due to alot of rain. It's now 8:56 have to go and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Took the plunge -

I have been reading a lot of great blogs and decided to start my own. I am new to this and not to computer savvy. I will need to consult my daughters constantly. It's Memorial Day and I have just missed the town parade. Oops. On to the BBQ. I hope to share my yarn adventures and life in general. I am obsessed with making washcloths at the moment and plan to give them w/body wash to all the teachers as an end of the year gift. I think I package it really nice. I roll the washcloth and tie a ribbon around it, place that and the body wash in a clear cellophane bag with punched hearts scattered on the bottom. I put a handmade tag on the washcloth stating it's 100% cotton and machine washable. To finish it off I tie a matching bow around the bag and another handmade tag with the recipient's name on it. I have given some as gits and the response has been very positive. They end up being really great, I bought about 15 different colors of cotton yarn. If I can figure out how to post a picture I will. Ta ta for now......