Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun at work!!!!!

Halloween fun today at Faber School where I work as an aide in my town. This is Laurel, yes she is cute but she is a die hard Red Sox fan, and I love The NY YANKEES!!!! She dressed up as Buddy from the Cake Boss a show on TLC that takes place right here in Hoboken NJ. Victoria's Friend Leslie works for him. I just had to get a picture of her, she does look cute. Onward....
This is Mrs. Desousa, she is a great 5th grade teacher.
This is Mary, her son was in my class last year, I have to say I almost split a gut when I saw her and she posed for me. What a complete riot.......

This is Eileen I worked with her 2 years ago, another crack-up. Her face was hysterical. I had to get a picture.

This is Don another aide in the school, dressed as a cowboy, complete with the spurs.

This is Dr. Ray he teaches 5th grade Science and American History I was an aide in his class last year in the afternoon. He was giving swine flu shots..............

Megan was in my class last year and looked good enough to eat. Devin is next to her as a chef, she is my friends daughter.

This is Mrs. Kime aka Lady Liberty, she is the one who bought all the fingerless gloves from me. She teachers 3rd grade and had both my girls. They take a class trip at the end of the year to Ellis Island, this was a perfect costume.

Mary Poppins is Devin's grandmother. Man did she look really good.

Which one is the real Nancy Sager? Every year our school nurse dresses up as an unsuspecting staff member this year it was Nancy a kindergarten teacher whom I've also worked with. I have to say Ann looks just like her. The real one is on the left. When we were walking around outside for the parade, Ann was not by Nancy, so Nancy says" I lost myself". What a great sense of humor. Wonder who will be next year?

This is Melissa, the teacher I am working with this year. How cute is she? She is so nice and fun to work with to!

Here is my class during the parade. WE get to walk around the parking lot 2x. The kids love it and you get to see all the cool costumes people come up with.

Tonight is mischief night, it's usually pretty quiet around here. The girls will be dressing up tomorrow and doing some trick-or-treating. They love the candy. More on them and our last yard sale at my parents tomorrow. Stay warm, it's really cold here tonight.

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Aleksandra!!!♥♥♥♥

Today is Allie's 12th birthday, I can hardly believe it. Time is flying by so fast and my babies are not babies anymore. This is Allie this morning before going to school. She straightened her hair last night for an hour.
She had a great day at school. Her friends decorated her locker. Her BFF Samantha made a little cake and the girls at her lunch table sang Happy Birthday to her and the whole lunch room joined in. Allie was embarrassed but I think that was totally cool!

They also sang Happy Birthday to her in chorus. Her friends gave her a bouquet of candy, apparently this is the thing to do at LMS. Whatever!!! This is the hat the girls use to wear to school on their birthdays. I did however get her to put it on for the picture. Yea me...
Allie and her Costco cake. Don't you just love their cakes? So yummy and so reasonable. Hers was for a snack for youth group tonight for all the leaders and kids and has chocolate moose filling with a white cake. I have to tell you I hope they bring me a piece home!!! LOL.

Totally yummy cake. She would not let us put 12th birthday on there. She said that was dumb???

Happy 12th Birthday Allie!!! I hope you had a great day... LOVE, MOMMY, DADDY and VIC. Can you guess her favorite color????

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You Mrs. Kime!!!! And Crazy Vic ~

My husband and kids were raking leaves tonight, seems like we had alot in our front yard. Crazy Victoria wanted to make a pile and jump in. So I took a few pictures. She actually had a really great time running and jumping into the pile. Look for yourself. Allie however wanted nothing to do with it. Her loss it looks like.


Oh the thrill of the jump................................

Ouch!!!! Head first, did I really want to land that way????????? Going for another try...... WOO HOO this is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was fun, can I go again mom?????

Actually it was cold by that time and we went inside, but she had fun while it lasted....

A teacher at my school who also just happened to be both my girls 3rd grade teacher ordered 6 pairs of black fingerless gloves from me, with a possible order of more. Wow, I have to tell you this came at a great time. I was getting nervous as to how I was going to pay for Christmas gifts and this will really help. Plus I love her as do my kids. She is such a beautiful person and awesome teacher!!!!

Look how I packaged them ~ This was genius if I do say so myself.

They each went into a black and white box. The tissue paper was white with different colored glitter which I thought was festive. The gloves were folded and placed in the box along with care instructions, my card and a sample face scrubbie. The box was then topped off with a red ribbon bow and a To: From: tag that I punched to match the box. I have to say I would LOVE to get this as a gift. Read on......

My parents had a yard sale this past week and so with our few left over items and new things we wanted to get rid of we participated. Our booty was not so good this time. However due to the rain they are having it again next week. So we will see how that goes. Anyway the best part................

My mom was selling these towers, filled with candy, brand new for the upcoming holidays. Something happened and they had to take the candy out of the boxes. I saw them and thought what a great container for my fingerless gloves. She gave me 6 boxes and the matching red ribbon from the original towers. How utterly perfect. I think they are fab!!!!!!! I just hope she likes them. I tried to make them special...

The finished boxes and a little something for Mrs. Kime as a thank you for her order... more soon about the cute bird pin attached to the package.

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Silent Day

Yesterday October 20, 2009 was the 6th annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity ~ Where you ready? My daughters Victoria (almost 15) and Aleksandra 12 were. They took part in this day and remained silent all day, even while being persecuted by there peers. I am proud of them. They were well prepared this year. Allie had asked the Principal of her school if it was ok to participate days in advance and got the ok. Some how on the actual day, it seemed everyone in her school wanted to participate. They say it only takes one person to make a difference in the world. I am not sure how many felt the conviction Allie did but at least if nothing else she made people, including teachers aware. Victoria was armed with a red marker and red notebook to answer questions. She had a hard time in her school. She is in 9th grade and the kids in her school were acting like they were in 2nd grade. But she remained Strong and made it thru the day. Last year she was not so lucky, they broke her and it really hurt her.

59 babies were saved last year, that they know of. There were important reminders and rules to speak of that needed to be followed:

~Not everyone will be nice to you ~ you need to remain peaceful and loving no matter how nasty they get. This is hard to do.
~This is a day of prayer, remain focused on why we are doing this.

This is Victoria wearing her red duck tape sign: PRO LIFE. She choose as did Allie not to wear it across her mouth.

Allie wore hers on her chest and it said LIFE.

Allie ready to go to school and remain SILENT.

If you are interested in finding out more information and maybe doing this next year, go to I am really proud of both my kids, they believed in something and made a stand, and they were true and real and loving in their stand. Allie's principal even said I knew you believed in this with all your heart!!!♥♥♥
What do you believe in, it's time to make a stand!
I found out tonight after youth group, when the girls came home that 21 babies were saved this year. God is Good!!!

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy monday!!!

This is Victoria's room. Yes it is 3 colors, lime green, fuchsia and purple. She loves it and it is so her..
This is her bed, she got a new bedspread set, this was great as it came all in a bag. Very sorta bohemian. hopefully now she will keep the room clean!!! Fingers crossed.

She has a great window seat area , where she can read or look out the window and daydream. I'm sure she does more of the daydreaming.

This is Allie's room.

Sshe loves ladybugs, frogs and owls. She is also very neat and keeps her room looking great.

Allie's Room..........................

Her new bedspread, she got for her birthday. She could not wait to get it on her bed and mobile uploaded a picture to Face book yesterday. I'm glad she is excited.

This past weekend we went to my sister's house for my nice Nicolette's 17th birthday, holy cow where is the time going? She is driving... I took alot of pictures but gave the card to my mom, she wanted to get some developed. When I get it back I will post the fun and the cutest owl cake ever that my sister Donna made.

Allie's birthday is on the 28th of October. My baby will be 12 except it seem everyone thinks she is turning 13. Slow down, she is the youngest grandchild.. We got her a really cute owl comforter, sheets and pillow for her birthday. She has outgrown ladybugs? No way, she just wanted a change.

I am off I have an order from a friend who is a teacher at Faber for 5 black pairs of my famous wrist warmers. I already gave her one today and she just loved it. I am so glad. Have a great night. Stay warm, it's getting really cold here at night and I was reduced to putting my heat on over the weekend.

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I treated myself......

I was looking on Etsy yesterday and found a really cool shop. She makes the most beautiful covered crochet hooks out of polymer clay. Since I LOVE to crochet, can't hardly breathe without it, I decided to treat myself to a special hook. I choose an I hook. I use that size often and would love to have a hook that has a little eye candy. Mine has colorful flowers and butterflies on the handle. I can't wait for it to come and start using it. I feel so special. I don't know how to attach the actual picture of the hook I purchased, just click on the website above and you will be in her shop. Enjoy ~ I know I will.

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well, it's now Sunday....

It's now Sunday evening and I have to say I did not do much at all this weekend. I had wanted to have Allie go outside and pose for me so I could put all my wristwarmers on Esty. But that did not happen. I really need to do that soon. I have to get some sales, I need to get Christmas gifts. Maybe I will see if anyone wants to trade, I did that last year and got some cool stuff. Maybe with the economy the way it is more people will be willing to trade. I guess I will have to look into it. My kids seem to be lazy to, Vic the Chef slept quite a bit today. Jeff had to work at his p/t job at Wal-mart today 12-9pm. He still has not found a full time job. Still praying about that. I also would like it if people would leave a comment for me. I'd like to know what others think of my humble little blog. It would make me feel like someone was actually reading it. LOL. Not much else going on, trying to crochet a bit. I am making lip gloss holders for my friend Maryann, still have alot to go. We are making a trade, hey maybe I will use what she trades with me as gifts. She make the best soaps ever. Don't you just love handmade soap. I do. It's a wonderful little luxury. Gotta run am making meatloaf and I need to put the bacon on. Yummy, I can taste it now. Jeff actually made it so you know it will be fab. Have a great rest of you Sunday and if you have off tomorrow, enjoy it..................
Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just tired

This past week was really stressful. There is this thing going on at work that is just dragging me down. I was so tired on Thursday that I actually fell asleep for a minute in gym class. I had to take Friday off and slept most of the day. I made an apt. for the Dr. to get a physical and a flu shot but she is so booked up it's not until Nov. 18th. And to top this all off Monday we have an in-service day while everyone else has off. UGH is all I have to say. Sorry for the down post but it's how I feel. Just stressed, busy and tired. Tomorrow will be a better day. At least we got rid of all the junk on the side of our garage. It's junk month in Dunellen , we are allowed 2 car loads of junk which Jeff with the help of his brother took advantage of this morning. So the back of our house looks nice again. TTFN~

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A great weekend!!!!

Wow, what a great weekend I had. I took a personal day on Friday and went on a retreat to Warwick NY with the ladies from my church. It was the most gorgeous weather, the sun shone on us all weekend. The sessions were great as was the fellowship. I had not been to church in a bit and did not realize how much I missed everyone. Sometimes when I am down or a bit depressed I back away from everyone so I don't get hurt. I need to change that and get back with the people I love and trust. We played the best games too, Tabu, Scattagories and The t-shirt game which was the best game ever. I wan to get it for our family I never laughed so hard in my life.

~All my sister's in Christ ~ First Baptist Church ~ Metuchen, NJ. ~
Enjoying a pumpkin farm, they had the best sunflowers. Sunflowers hapen to be my favorite flower.

My friend Patricia, I just LOVE this picture. What a beautiful face.
What the heck are these? Some sort of funky pumpkin.............

Chris, chugging apple cider, slow down girl...........

This cross is on top of the hill over looking the valley, so beautiful.........

This is in back of the Chapel. So peaceful, a great place to reflect and be with the Lord.

Jennifer, our driver and best friend of the speaker we had. She always takes pictures of everyone so I had to get one of her!

These are the samples I am sending off to the Little Black Box tomorrow.

For the month of December, colorful bookmarks ~

For the month of November, Flower face scrubbies~

And for the month of October round face scrubbies ~
I hope everyone enjoys the samples and checks out my shop. I will be adding new stuff soon, as soon as I can get Allie to pose for me.
This has been a busy week so far, have been tired from work but am forging on. Have a great night..............

Peace, love♥, and crochet...