Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun at work!!!!!

Halloween fun today at Faber School where I work as an aide in my town. This is Laurel, yes she is cute but she is a die hard Red Sox fan, and I love The NY YANKEES!!!! She dressed up as Buddy from the Cake Boss a show on TLC that takes place right here in Hoboken NJ. Victoria's Friend Leslie works for him. I just had to get a picture of her, she does look cute. Onward....
This is Mrs. Desousa, she is a great 5th grade teacher.
This is Mary, her son was in my class last year, I have to say I almost split a gut when I saw her and she posed for me. What a complete riot.......

This is Eileen I worked with her 2 years ago, another crack-up. Her face was hysterical. I had to get a picture.

This is Don another aide in the school, dressed as a cowboy, complete with the spurs.

This is Dr. Ray he teaches 5th grade Science and American History I was an aide in his class last year in the afternoon. He was giving swine flu shots..............

Megan was in my class last year and looked good enough to eat. Devin is next to her as a chef, she is my friends daughter.

This is Mrs. Kime aka Lady Liberty, she is the one who bought all the fingerless gloves from me. She teachers 3rd grade and had both my girls. They take a class trip at the end of the year to Ellis Island, this was a perfect costume.

Mary Poppins is Devin's grandmother. Man did she look really good.

Which one is the real Nancy Sager? Every year our school nurse dresses up as an unsuspecting staff member this year it was Nancy a kindergarten teacher whom I've also worked with. I have to say Ann looks just like her. The real one is on the left. When we were walking around outside for the parade, Ann was not by Nancy, so Nancy says" I lost myself". What a great sense of humor. Wonder who will be next year?

This is Melissa, the teacher I am working with this year. How cute is she? She is so nice and fun to work with to!

Here is my class during the parade. WE get to walk around the parking lot 2x. The kids love it and you get to see all the cool costumes people come up with.

Tonight is mischief night, it's usually pretty quiet around here. The girls will be dressing up tomorrow and doing some trick-or-treating. They love the candy. More on them and our last yard sale at my parents tomorrow. Stay warm, it's really cold here tonight.

Peace, love♥, and crochet...



Just be happy! said...

how fun, love the costumes!

happy halloween!!!

Debbie said...

Yep, I had a great time at school this year it was so much fun. I was a hippie, no pictures of me. I am the one always taking them!!!

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi Debbie....cant see a way to mail you!!
So in answer to your question l agree having two different names for the same stitches is soooooooooo confusing

A Treble for me is: loop (chain) on the hook already then wool over to make a second loop then through the stitch below hook wool through making 3 loops on hook then hook wool and through 2 loops then hook the wool and through 2 loops...that's my Treble!
But looking l think that's your Double?...

The yarns l've used for the sock/slippers is about equivalent to USA worsted so l'm told but l use anything to hand and double/treble up on strands and always do a small sample to find out how many stitches to the inch anyway

The wrist warmers and sock/slippers are exactly the same pattern really it's just the slippers have a sewn up toe and the wrist warmers have a finger loop

Used the same weight of yarn but changed the size of hook to make the slipper/socks bigger and they fit my OH and he has size 9's

INCREASE: (PEEK)....and there are so many ways to do an increase but for the wrist warmers and slipper/socks l did 3 trebles (3 doubles for you) into one stitch....making the peek
DECREASE: |(VALLY)....again lots of ways to do this but l did half trebles (half doubles for you) into 3 different stitches then draw the last loop through all 4 loops....making the vally
Then in between the increase and decrease l did 4 trebles in four different stitches..again this could be many as you want to make a wider ripple
Hope that helps a bit?.....will do a set of samples and photos for you today and add them to the blog break it down into steps
Suz x

Debbie said...

Suz you are the best!!!!

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi Debbie...remind me about the patterns in a couple of days if l forget
Tad busy throwing up at the mo! hehe
should watch what/how much l eat better!!
Hugs Suz x

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi Debbie...thanks for the reminder didn't do a pattern when l made them so when l'm up and out will take a look at the flowers and cakes and do the pattern for you soz..most of the things l do l just make up as l go along so have to do the pattern if asked but everything is in the studio at the bottom of the garden and had another bad day today so will do them asap
Suz x

Kate said...

Looks like a fantastic time! I just had to come and visit your blog when I saw it was called 'obsessed with crochet' because I am too! Love how you sign off each time. Have fun.

Debbie said...

Thanks, it was fun. Had a look at your blog as well, very nice...