Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To much? Not enough? What?

Just added a bunch of new stuff to my blog, inspirational quotes, pictures of starfish etc. etc. Is it to much? Not enough? What. I like looking at all the stuff on blogs do you? Tell me what you think. I got it all off Blogger I wish I could add music and other cool stuff but I don't know how to do it. Oh well I am happy right now. It's cold here in NJ. Last week my husband and Victoria went to a U2 concert at the Meadowlands and had a great time. Jeff's good friend Lumbo who is an Oral Surgeon gave him the tickets and to Bruce Springsteen this Friday. I told Jeff to take Vic it would be her first real concert and she loves U2. They took the train in and had a really great father-daughter time. Victoria was going to go to Springsteen on Friday to but her friend Andrew invited her and Jillian to go tonight. I hope they don't freeze. Wow wow wow. He is suppose to play the whole Born To Run Album Holy Cow did she hit the jackpot. He has never done this before. And Allie gets to go with daddy on Friday her first real concert. Jeff and I saw Bruce last year and man can he put on a concert, he really plays to the NJ fans. We are lucky to have such great friends who treat us so well. We are truly blessed♥

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


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