Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello, I'm back

Ok, so I have been gone for a week. I am going to come clean and tell you why. We were not having computer problems, my computer ,TV and phone were shut off because we could not pay the bill. It is so embarrassing to me to have this happen, but I figure alot of people are in the same boat as we are. My husband still does not have a job. He has been out of work since March. We have cut back on everything we can and are starting to live a more simple earth friendly life style. I have to say I like it. We have in the past bought so much stuff we did not need, now we really think about it. It's not about the stuff it's how you live your life. What you teach your kids and how you try to follow a path God would want you to.

So we paid the bill and now on on Monday we are switching back to the cable company, We were with Direct TV and I have to say it was the worst experience of my life. Plus we are getting soooo much more for soooo much less. Since this whole job loss I am not loyal to anyone if I can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else I am going for it. These companies do not care how they treat their customers. the Customer Service is terrible. I am getting off my soapbox now.

Vic made these awesome donuts in baking class.... We enjoyed them for a few days........
Vic enjoying her fabulously good donut...

The whole box of them ~ Yum-Yum. I think I gained 10 pounds.

Vic and the donut box.......................

Vic and Jillian at the Girl Scout Bridging ceremony for their sisters.

The Girls now Cadets and Mrs. Deegan one of the leaders. These girls have been together since Daisy's. I can no believe they are in 6th grade and Cadets.

Allie Bridging over and Mrs. Herbig one of the leaders.

Allie talking about respect...............

The three leaders, Mary Ruthie and Lisa♥
Vic trying her hand at stilts at the bridging ceremony. It is not as easy as you think it may look.

Allie ~ The new Cadet
Allie's Junior sash.............. ah the memories.

Every year for the past 30+ years our town of Dunellen has had Art on the Green. It has gotten smaller in the past few years but it's still fun. There are crafts and local businesses and groups that come out. I actually won some cool scapbooking paper, 4 stamps and stamp pad and adhesive from Stampin' up how cool was that. Victoria and I went we had a good time and saw people we knew from town. Allie was at Great Adventure with a friend.

Victoria looking at the sports vendor. He had players cards framed very cool but to rich for my blood.

We liked this motorcycle, it was a fundraiser for a group.

Victoria painting a pumpkin which she later gave away? Who knows.\

A view of Washington Park. This is where we also light up the town Christmas tree.
Maybe one year I will take part in it and sell my crochet.
Ta Ta For Now~
Peace, love♥, and crochet...


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