Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What to do???

Well here I am again today trying to write on my blog. I want to add so many pictures and stories but it seems to take me so long. Then I get frustrated! Facebook seems so much easier to add pictures. 1,2,3 and they are added, but blogging is so much more personal. It seems I am always in a hurry or the girls are hogging the computer. I could go on with the list of excuses, which is really what they are let's just face the facts. The girls are both going to youth group later and Jeff is working.... that is the perfect opportunity to blog about our summer. Look for more later. As you can see Michele from has been helping me update my blog. I get so far and then I don't know what to do. She had been a huge help. I also have added a few things on my own. We will see it's shaping up but needs more work. ~ TTFN ~ more later!!!!

Peace, love♥ and crochet...


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