Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tired today ~

This week the girls and I are doing a local VBS. Vic and I are helping and Allie is actually attending. It's fun but really hot! We also did the same VBS at our church in Metuchen 2 weeks ago. Crocodile Dock ~ I came home today and was totally exhausted, and actually slept for a few hours. Tomorrow is the last day with a finale program and dinner at 6pm. I will be adding pictures of this and the other VBS over the weekend. I think we really enjoyed doing them this year. It's alot of work but very rewarding.

Tonight we are anxiously awaiting the new Ace of Cakes. It's on in 20 min. Victoria is glued to the food network channel and Jeff to the Yankee game with comments about the game being yelled out every so often. Just and another ordinary night at the Procek's.

~ TTFN ~

Peace, love♥, and crochet...


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