Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just stuff.....

These are the best pot holders ever, I got them from Etsy. I just love how you can make it your own with any color combination.

This is the front and the back, or you could make two backs, whatever you want. I made a colorful one as that is what I am into right now. I think they would make a great gift along with some washcloths.

This is my linen closet. I organized it one day, yes I know I have way to many washcloths. See the white basket on the shelf? It has my crocheted washcloths in it. I know not to many for us especially since I have an obsession with cotton.. LOL

These are my Gypsy washcloths. They are made from all the leftover scraps of cotton yarn I have. Part of my waste not want not life ~ I have to say I am totally digging them they are very funky and colorful and a total surprise and different everytime I make one. Vic brought 3 to camp this summer and all the girls loved them.

Some of you may know this and some may not. In January Jeff came home from work to tell me that he had to take a pay cut or loose his job. Needless to say I was pretty scared. We have never really lived high on the hog and everything we have we had to scrape and save for for the most part. That's ok we were doing alright and I was determined we would do better than before. Then om March 22, A day I will remember forever he got laid off. We are really struggling this summer as he is getting unempleyment and I am not working until Sept. when school starts again. So every penny and I mean penny counts. But we have faith in God and he is getting us through along with family and friends.

I started to look up info on how to live a more simpler greener life. I found a wealth of info and acted on all of it that I could. Hey why should we throw what hard earned money we have out the window. Plus it made me more aware of recycling and helping out our planet. Cool, Victoria was in the recycling club at school and she got me started. I am now making cool jewelry ~ bracelets out of soda tabs. All the kids want one, seems recycling is in.

We also are turing off lights etc when we leave the room and unplugging stuff, especially if it has a little red standby light. Sucks up to much energy. Trying to not drive as much and do any errands we have all at once or ones that are in the same area. It takes a bit of planning but it's fun almost like a game to see what you can do.

I am also using a clothes line rather than the dryer to dry clothes. I did a load of wash today and it's hanging up in the picture below. It's been a bit hard this summer because of all the rain, but well worth the effort. I think we are off to a great start. I also read a really great blog from Austraila http://www.down---to---earth.blogspot.com/ ~ Rhonda is great and has the best advice. She is even writing a book. I feel it's better to have less and live simpler. We have to much crap that we have gathered over the years. Little by little we are going through our house room by room and getting rid of stuff. We had a kick~ass yard sale on the 17th of July and made a nice little sum of money and got rid of alot of stuff. My mom is having a yard sale on the 21 of August which we will participate in and then whatever does not sell goes to charity. We have already given away stuff to benefit others. It's a win win situation, you get rid of stuff that's helping you get to the life you really want to lead and also helping others. The girls feel good about themselves too.

10 fushia scrubby dots ready to go ~

Yes here they all are in their glory. I just love all the bright colors!!! I got this pattern from a blog site, they are called scrubby dots.

So this is my new obsession.... Round textured face scrubbies I have made 10 of each color, yes that's 70 scrubbies.. told you I am obsessed. They work really well to................

I love the color brown... don't you?
I have also figured out, color, font and size ~ lookout am loving it...

Peace, love, and crochet...



CorinneCanCraft said...

Wow thats alot of scrubbies! The colors are fantastic

Debbie said...

Thanks, I love bright colors. And when I get obsessed with something i really get obsessed. They work really great to, full of texture.