Friday, November 18, 2011

Was in a craft swap!!!

I participated in a craft swap/gift exchange at We were each given a partner, mine was Tiffany from Kansas. We  e-mailed and I found out her colors are pink and brown.

I  made her a brown neck cozy with a pink pin, matching brown ear warmers with a brown pin, a chunky,  pretty posy pin of course in pinks and another flower pin layered in 3 different colors. I also sent along a small bag of goodies I send to my customers... I hope she likes what I sent her. It was fun, I can't wait to see what I get!!!
 ~TTFN Debbie♥

Peace, love♥, and crochet... Debbie


momdrinkstea said...

Just GORGEOUS pieces! Following your blog now! Do you make items to order? I'd LOVE to get that ear warmer/pin in black! THANKS!!!


The Pettijohn's said...

Love the hat!!!! Do you have a shop to order those from?

Debbie said...

Hi yes I do make things to order, the ear warmers are 18.00 let me know if you are interested thanks!♥

Debbie said...

pettijohns ~ they are earwarmers and they are 18.00 let me know if you are interested.. I posted my e-mail already however I do have a shop and I do have a fan page on facebook where u can see more of my work. I can sell u it thru etsy if u r interested. thanks so much girls I had a bad today it was nice to see these comments sorry it took e so ling...♥♥

Pammy Sue said...

Hey Debbie! Love all your stuff, especially the flowers!

For the crochet-along at Little Woollie, I am using worsted weight yarn (I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby and Vanna's), an H hook, and I started with a chain of 150 because I wanted a smaller blanket this time. It measures 46 inches wide.

Hope that helps!

Yoli Rodriguez-Solano said...

Hi! I love to crochet, and wish I could make it my full-time job. I have a family, and I’m a student, so I definately understand about the balancing act of managing family, hobbies and other stuff. I think your posting appealed to me because you crochet and you have a family, too. I’m new to blogging, and I currently started a blog for one of my English classes that I’m currently taking at Oregon Culinary Institute. It’s mainly a class project, but I might keep it up once the class is over. However, I feel it takes a lot of time and a lot of computer knowledge. Well, I really love your neck cozies. I mostly make hats and scarves, but living in Oregon, I think I could really benefit from a neck cozy, now that the rainy season has arrived. Also, I’m really interested in your swap program. I’d like to join one or maybe find one in Oregon. Do you know how I might go about finding one in Oregon?

Thanks and Happy Crocheting,