Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home with a sick kid....

Here is Vic in her glasses, both girls choose black for some reason. They are both different and unique to each of the girls. Vic's has checkered arms and Allie has butterflies on her one arm and polka dots on the inside of the frame. Costco had a great selection and is reasonably priced. She turned 14 I can not even believe that, She is taller than me now... on February 14th. Seems like yesterday she was born. This is a picture of Vic and Leslie the Pastor's daughter and one of her youth group leaders. She took the jr. high youth group to the mall to celebrate Victoria's b-day. They had fun. Vic, leslie an Andrew were surprised with a birthday cake from Cold Stone Creamery Yummy!!!! It was a nice day filled with fellowship and memories.

Here are two new items I listed in my etsy shop today, set of 7 heart face scrubbies 4 multi color red and 3 solid white. And for St. Pat's since everyone is Irish on St. Patricks's day these way to cute shamrock pins. Go check them out, they are both priced well.

You look great in your glasses Allie♥♥

Allie with her new glasses, and cool t-shirt Joanna made for her. We all have one now made by her, they are all different. she is very talented. And check out those very cool fingerless gloves.... Wowza. you can have a pair to, just go to my etsy shop http://www.yarnfreak.etsy.coms/ I will be listing a few differernt colors soon. This is my own pattern. I love mine and wear them all the time.

These are a few of her friends who also made the honor roll, Kerry and Samantha. They have been friends since pre-school Great going girls!!!

Allie and her honor roll certificate
Victoria is home sick from school again today, I had to go get her in the morning at school on Tuesday. Needless to say we are going to the Dr.'s. the earliest appointment was at 3:15, his office did not open till 9am, what a life.. She is obsessed with watching Green Acres the first season today. I'm listening while typing, it is so stupid it's funny. What ever happened to great shows like that?
Some news It's old news now because I have not had a minute to do anything and when I did finally have that 1 minute the girls were hogging the computer.....
Allie made the Principle's list for the 3rd marking period. That's the high honor roll 3 time in a row... You go girl.

~ Peace ~ Debbie♥

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