Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fantastic Blog Giveaway

I have a great friend who lives in Canada. I met her thru Etsy. She is one of my favorite designers, I have all her patterns. She even made a special pattern for me so my girls could have fresh, fun and funky wristwarmers. All her patterns are easy to follow with a ton of helpful pictures. If you are interested in her work go to, tell her I sent you and support a wonderful person, designer and friend.. The other great news is she has had her blog for 1 year!!! WOO HOO she has wonderful pictures and interesting posts, I check her blog everyday to see what she is up to..... Anyway back to the wonderful news, she is hosting her first giveaway GO NOW, DO NOT WAIT check out her blog ~ she is giving away not the pattern but the actual item she crocheted with her own hands WOW WOW WOW. It's a beautiful neckwarmer in a lovely shade of blue. It's called the Romance Neckwarmer, is so soft and has 3 antique wooden buttons, it is fab..... If you want you can but the pattern from her and make your own, just go to her Esy site. Her pattern prices are very reasonable she has hats, neck warmers, wristwarmers, to many patterns to list GO CHECK IT OUT.... RUN.................................................

She aso has the pattern for the matching wristwarmers. The Romance wristwarmers, trust me you will be the envy of all your friends with these matching pieces.

I am on my way right now to her blog to make my comments, even though I can crochet, I would love to have an original made from the designer ~ especially since she is my friend♥♥♥♥

~Peace Debbie♥


Hyla said...

Keep up the blogging you have a great writing style!

You have an award on my blog!

Hyla Waldron

Debbie said...

Thanks Hyla!!! As you can see I have not kept up the blogging... School is out on friday I promise I will grab the award and keep up on my blogging. I have sooooo much to share and add.