Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer happenings.....

This summer has been really busy despite our not scheduling things to do. The girls and I helped out with VBS at our church.

 We also tie-dyed small backpacks as a missions project to send to Latin America. It was fun, 160 dyed with the teen youth group.

We had alot of dye left over so anyone who brought a t-shirt could tie-dye. These are the one's I did in the dark for the girls. They turned out great, the best one's I ever dyed!!! 
My friend Pam and I went up to Stockton to Woodsedge Wools Farm for their fiber festival. This is the shop, The outside is huge and looks like a house.  The inside is beautiful to with lots of yummy alpaca items to buy.
The farm has 300 Alpaca's. This is the first time I have ever seen them, they are the cutest  animal and make the best yarn from their fleece.
 This is my friend Pam, she is the best knitter ever. She was making a really cool sweater, this is her favorite color.♥
 The girls after the show, it was in 3D, they got these cute Harry Potter glasses. My mom bought them the shirts. they each like different houses....

We were lucky to be able to go to Brick, down the shore for the weekend. We stayed at our friends Sue and Beth's hose. They have a great deck and a nice big pool.  We also went to the Tom's river ice cream festival. It was a nice weekend.
 Victoria and Allie enjoying the pool.

 Allie, Bailey the rat dog, we were watching him for my sister-in-law, Victoria and Gizmo Sue's dog and Beth. 
                                                                   Harry potter tickets...............
Me, Victoria, Jeff and Allie in Bayville at the bay.
  Jeff and the girls goofing off in the pool.
 Chemo hats I made for RAJKpatterns hat drive. I sent 4 to Alabama today in the girls name in honor of Nana~Evelyn Procek who passed away from colon cancer. We hope this will bring peace and comfort to the recipient.
I have been into recycling t-shirts, these are some bracelets I made. Came out really cool. It's amazing how many things you can make from t-shirts. Anybody want to send or give me some please do so.

Finally in June we ran down to Maryland real quick and had some oral surgery done. Jeff had an infection, I am getting an implant and Victoria had 4 wisdom teeth removed. This is Lumbo our good friend who performed all the surgeries and Vic with her ice pack Christi his wife devised....

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Please check out my etsy shop and my fan facebook page
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!
Peace, love♥, and crochet... Debbie


Jackie said...

Love the hats.And I went with my Daughter to see Harry Potter as well, sad to see it end. But I was happy with the end film! Love the braclets as well :)

Debbie said...

Thanks, I was just the driver to Harry Potter, but the girls loved it. The bracelets are fun and easy to make....