Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good to be back!!! ~ ♥ ~

This is a picture of us Jeff, Victoria, Buddy ~ The Cake Boss ~ Allie, me and A friend Kerri in Hoboken N.J. Our Pastor's daughter, Leslie works for him. We were lucky enough to met him and the gang and have a tour. Victoria was in her glory. She whats to be a "Cake Boss" and go to school at the CIA. She is in baking now in Vo-tech and LOVING it and so are we, with all the goodies she brings home!!!!!

Hi! It's good to be back and writing a new post. This past year has been really hard for us. My husband lost his job over 1 year ago and we have been struggling ever since. Thank goodness for great family, friends and prayer. We are just trying to get thru one day at a time.

We have had to change the way we live, this has been a POSITIVE thing that has come out of all this. We are conserving energy, recycling what we can and spending less. I have always wanted to live a simpler life and now we are. We learn something new every day. This situation has also brought our family closer. We need to work and help each other.

We are finding wonder in everyday things. I just wish we were not so stressed out about paying the bills. This is where the problem is and what to do when you don't have the money. Any and all ideas are welcomed. This is how we learn to cope by other people's experiences. I know in my heart that God will provide a job for Jeff and that we are luckier than most.

I am going to update my etsy shop, check it out. I have alot of really fun things to add ~ peace sign bookmarks, washcloths, dishcloths, potholders, scrubbies all in really fun bright colors. Thank goodness for my crocheting and knitting. It really relaxes me and makes me feel good that I am making something beautiful. I also have a fan page on Facebook that I am trying to get together. It's a bit hard for me as I am really terrible with the computer. If you want to be a fan that would be really cool! I have 23 so far and that is just a wonderful feeling! There is a button for my fan page at the top of the blog or you can go to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!! on Facebook. I am also trying to figure out Ravelry, if you want to be a friend there I am purling angel. So bear with me as little by little I get this together and as always thanks for all the LOVE and support.♥♥♥

I leave everyone with a goodbye for now and a Happy Mothers Day for all the moms tomorrow. We will be going to my parents house in the afternoon for dessert. A low~key but nice day. After Church I just want to relax and maybe read or crochet a bit.....

~TTFN Debbie♥♥♥ ~

Peace, love♥, and crochet...Debbie


Just be happy! said...

Glad to have you back.
Happy Mother's day!

Debbie said...

Thanks, Happy mother's Day to you too!!!♥

Stephanie said...

Hi! I came across your blog looking for crochet patterns and your post caught my attention. I just want to let you know that I think you are amazing for staying in touch with God throughout the loss of your husbands job, and I think it is great that you have found the positive in your situation. God is GOOD and he has great plans in store for you and your family! God Bless!

Debbie said...

Thanks Stephanie, I just saw your comment now. I have not kept up to well with my blog, but hope to change that. I have a lot to say and show.