Monday, February 2, 2009

Things I Have Been Crocheting Part 2

Stay tuned, more to come tomorrow..........................................
Here is a closeup of that fab pin I am so in love with. Now you know why I love it!

The grey neck cozy she is wearing is also from a pattern by boutiquepinkdesigns. I love this cozy!! Again I made it in chunky grey yarn with that fab pink flower. I also added a black bow under the flower. The flower is detachable as it is with the hat and can be worn on a jacket, tote bag or wherever. I just love that flower! I think I have made about 20 so far. They make a great pin.

♥Allie ~

First off we have some exciting news.... my niece Kristin is in labor. yes right now. She was induced at 8pm tonight. Allie is so cute and so excited ~ she said t me Mommy "How long does it take? It's been 2 hrs" LOL I told her go to bed and in the morning yu will have a new baby girl cousin...♥♥♥'

Needless to say have been making all kinds of stuff and gathering all sorts of fun and unique stuff from etsy. Will post pictures as soon asthey are available.

Now on to crocheting and knitting:

This really cute hat I made and Allie stole is from

She has a beautiful blog and some cool free knitting patterns.

I made this hat out of chunky grey yarn and used the flower pattern which I am mad for from boutiquepinkdesigns. I think grey is fast becoming a favorite color.

Anyway Allie looks adorable,she was made to wear hats!!!

I also made this hat in blue, with brown roses. It looks great either way.

~Peace ♥Debbie

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