Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing catch up, that's all I ever seem to do!!!!

That's it for Christmas, we all had a nice time. We enjoyed our families in NJ and in Pa. Ate great food and got alot of nice thngs from Santa. I am caught up!!!


Grandma, Pa-pa and all 6 grandkids ~ my how some have gown.

How cool is this Peruvian scarf I made my niece Nicolette!!!
I promise only a few more pictures, I'm only running a month behind.

Jeff and Allie~Ballie

Aleksandra, Freddie and Victoria ~ Cousins ~

Some more happy memories of Christmas 2008. ♥

I got a Tom Tom from Jeff. We have named him Thomas. Now I have no excuse for getting lost. LOL Does that mean I ca take the bumper sticker magnet Victoria gave me for Christmas last year off??? It says " If you are following me, your lost to!" KIDS....

Allie also had the surprise of her life she got an I home for her pink Nano and a new Nintendo DS, yes in pink...

And accessories..................... Lucky, lucky girls ~~~~

Look at these smiling faces. Yes Santa was able to finally locate a Wii for the Procek grils... WOO HOO♥♥♥

Peace ~ Debbie

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Bella McBride said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas!