Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gone way to long

I have been gone way to long... Life got in the way. So much has happened since I have written last. In August we went on a much anticipated family vacation to Disney World in Fla. and had a blast. Allie proved to be quite a daredevil, she wanted to go on the fastest rides and rollercoasters. She loved the Rockin Rollercoaster and the Aerosmith music. LOL I made everyone go on It's A Smallworld and everyone enjoyed it. The week went by far to fast. School started shortly afterward. Victoria is now in the 8th grade which I am totally blown away by. Next year she will be in HS. Where did the time go? And Allie is in 5th grade. She will be going over to the middle school next year. WE are back into the routine of school, homework and activities.

Just last Friday Allie had her tonsils and adnoids out. She did really well and is on the mend. Today she told me "Mommy i'm starving" so I made her noodles and she ate them!! WOOHOO She will be out of school the rest of this week. Am trying to sell my crochet and craft stuff on ETSY, check it out ~ www.yarnfreak.etsy.com. They have really cool handmade items. Today I have really been working on my shop. I added a few new items and updated pictures I hated and was generally busy all day. It's alot of work but fun too. I have met some of the nicest people that I consider good friends now. I want to add some pictures if I can figure out how to do it on this blog.... Stay tuned..... Peace ~ Debbie

Well I figured out how to add the pictures now I just have to figure out how to lay them out better, bear with me as I figure this all out. I am surprised I got myself this far!!! LOL ♥♥

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Sweet Irie said...

Aww, what a pretty family! Now I know what you look like...mwhahahahaha! lol ;)